Monday, January 30, 2012

Weight Loss Myth #3: Eating One Meal a Day

Here is another weight loss myth. People often get the concept that in order to lose weight, they should eat one meal a day and live off water. Well, that may be an exaggeration but you get my point. But in truth, dieticians encourage people who want to lose weight to eat at least five meals in one day.

You might be wondering if you’re reading some bogus advice. However, this fact is accurate. According to experts, eating 5 meals in a day will help you lose weight because you will be feeling full the entire day, you won’t get cravings for impulsive meals like burgers, fries, potato chips, and all those other food that gets your mouth watering when you see a commercial.

These five meals must contain a health and well-balanced breakfast, lunch, and dinner and two light snacks. The food you need to aim for are high fiber (green, leafy vegetables, and fruits), moderate carbohydrates (rice, bran muffins, whole wheat toast), good sources of fat (fish oil, vegetable oil, olive oil and the like), and lean proteins (fish, chicken, pork, and steak without the fatty parts).

The main food you need to stay away from are those loaded with bad cholesterol and sodium. They can be in the forms of canned food, junk food, burgers, pizza, fries, sodas, instant noodles and the like. Typically, all fast foods are unhealthy and almost all processed food too. Remember, it doesn’t mean that if it’s not salty, it’s low in sodium. You should learn to read content labels when choosing your food.

Eating five meals in a day doesn’t mean you’re overeating. You need to balance out your five meals or get a consult from a dietician if you need advice about what to eat and how much. It’s not the number of meals you eat in a day, but how you control what you eat.

Depriving yourself of adequate food will starve and hurt your body in the long run. You may not see the effects of starvation, but as it progresses, you could die. Giving yourself adequate food through 5 divided meals daily will keep you well-nourished and cancel out sudden impulses on food cravings. Make sure to cross out this practice as a weight loss myth. 


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  2. It 's a fact that if you want to lose weight you don't have to eat one meal a day for it will just make you crave for foods. Do it gradually, not abruptly so that your body can slowly adapt to it. For me, eating 5 times a day won't make me lose weight instead I will gain as what I have observed. There is no shortcut in losing weight, everything must go in a process, step by step.

  3. mr. sabay, it's all about portions. maybe those 5 meals you took meant a FULL plate. (woah. haha.) also, you don't have to do it drastically, okay? take it slow - adapt it in little by little coz if you rush your body into that kind of eating habit, maybe it wouldn't be able to adapt just yet. hahaha. i once heard that eating small meals in one day is an effective thing to do. just make sure that those kinds of food you eat would help you achieve the RDI or recommended daily intake. now, now...i think you've heard of the former. it's actually based on the food pyramid (ta-da! told you elementary years were useful XD). so try to incorporate go, grow and glow foods in your diet. though you might feel that you don't need to diet, you still need to give the nutrients your body deserves. ;)

  4. just the thought of eating only once a day is outrageous! this shouldn't be even an option. just like what mr. sabay said, doing this would make you crave for more food to eat the next meal. doing this is also very unhealthy, your body will go into "starvation" mode and you'll start to feel weak and dizzy, this will also make you at risk for severe health conditions.
    Either way... it's not a good idea. It's best to eat healthy whether you need to lose weight or just sustain your body..

  5. Just like what my mom always say, "Kaon jud dayne kay mahal ang pagpatambal sa ulcer." I totally agree to my mom, we should always eat to avoid diseases. Medicines nowadays are too expensive, as the saying goes, "prevention is better than cure". So, I prefer to eat ALWAYS. Although I skip breaqkfast, but I never fail to eat a lot during snacks and lunch. :) I know that eating breakfast is the most important meal of all, but because of being busy and maybe, laziness to wake up early to grab some breakfast, I fail to do it. So what I do is to eat a lot during lunch and breakfast. I don't see any signs of gaining weight in my body, so I guess, as of now, it's still okay. :)

    Still, the best foods to eat are those healthy foods, I love eating veggies, maybe, it's the only thing that I did right. Eating veggies, aside from being nutritious, it's really cheap and there's a lot of dishes you can make from it. I also drink 6-5 glasses of water per day. Hmm. I guess I'm having a healthy diet. :) hehehe.

  6. actually mr. sabay, THERE ARE SHORTCUTS TO LOSING WEIGHT! hahaha. dietary pills, fat burning supplements, laxatives, and did you forget about liposuction?! just saying..

    but still, it's good to exert your own efforts. having the sense of accomplishment might be the best feeling after you lose those pounds. :)

  7. Me too Mr.Sabay,I think it will help me in gaining weight but I just don't believe on these myths.For me it is not right to deprive yourself from eating or even skipping one meal.
    We all know that these myths are just fallacy and when we try to believe in these we will just harm or worsen our health status.

  8. I think we should eat 5 times a day. 3 meals and two light snacks. As the article has said, it would keep you full the whole day and prevent you from craving for foods that have a lot of bad cholesterol and sodium. Just thinking of only eating one day is ridiculous. By eating one meal a day, yes, you will lose weight but it is unhealthy. Your body would starve. As the article said, you may not see the effect immediately but you will be sick and unhealthy in the long run. So we should always eat a balanced meal.

    @Mr. Sabay: I think it depends on what you eat. If you have a balanced diet, I don't think you would gain weight :D

  9. @ MS. Suarez, I agree... it's only applicable to rich people. haha

  10. mr. sabay, maybe it's the kind of food you eat that's why you gain instead of lose. it states above, that food should be rich in fiber, moderate carbs and good fat. maybe your meals are mostly processed and high in sodium. not being judgmental :))

  11. @ Mr. Sabay: I think you are only referring to the liposuction. There are cheap weight loss teas and pills and all those stuff :D

  12. Hahahaha this article is funny. some ppl so dumb for skipping meals. k so thanks yo mama.

  13. @Ms Suarez: shortcuts which are not good at all. tsk.

  14. weight loss teas are good alternatives, ms. laguda.

  15. hahahaha!! I felt guilty as I read this article 'coz most of the time I only one meal a day especially during examination week..
    But I don't do it to lose weight or what..
    its just that I prioritize my studies more than eating which is not good already..
    trust me guys, it brings no good..
    you feel so weak like you're gonna fall down or something..
    You will also be prone to sickness like having a fever and headache >.<

  16. yeah right, green leafy veggies are preferable to ensure a healthy body. but my brains told me to eat those heavenly foods that lifts my soul: burgers, fires, and most of all pizza. sometimes i also eat most of processed foods because it is more convenient for me even if i know that my practices are unhealthy.
    after reading the articles posted, i have learned that self satisfaction for foods is less important than having optimal level of wellness.
    ms suarez, pills, laxatives, supplements and liposuction may be dangerous to your health because most of the medicines have side effects. so better use a natural and easier way to lose weight as what you have said earlier.

  17. i don't think so ms.rosales..
    my aunt takes some yet she is growing wider..
    EXERCISE is the best way to lose weight..
    of course it should be with intensity so it would take effect and not just the usual exercise we do..

  18. Ms. Ganir, tsk, tsk, tsk... You should actually try to eat five times a day, especially during examination week. The food you eat provides you nutrients that makes your body and brain/mind more active. But hey, if it works for you there's nothing wrong with it... I guess. Anyway, myths are myths and eating only once a day is definitely one of them. Hahaha... To tell you the truth I eat more than 5 meals a day and I don't even get fatter. An opposite to Mr. Sabay... Hehehe...

  19. ms.taborada: don't advertise those pills and teas 'coz people will be dependent with those..
    aside from they are not proven effective,they can also be harmful to the body..
    why not have exercise?it saves a lot a money, safe, proven effective, makes you feel light,and gives you that amazing body!!
    unfortunately, they don't wanna do that coz it's tiresome but hello?! nothing comes easy!!

  20. I strongly agree with this- It’s not the number of meals you eat in a day, but how you control what you eat. It's really a fact. I think eating 5 meals a day is not bad when you have the control,.. and in this way, we won't feel the hunger time by time. MR.SABAY: You gain weight when you eat 5 times a day, maybe because you don't have the balanced meals- We say, for your first meal, it's more on carbohydrates on the other less,then more and more on the next.(that is just my opinion :))
    TRUE.This is proven- just by eating well-balanced five meals in a day,helps maintain good health and weight or even lose (weight) for I have known people practicing this daily eating routine and for some, they do it together with an exercise, I don't know if that's advisable or not.^^

  21. hmmm. as expected, many already posted their insights about this issue. guess i still have a space in here fellow.

    Eating one meal per day will slow down your metabolism and eat away lean muscle mass. If you lose lean muscle instead of body fat, this will radically slow down your ability to lose weight in the future. Eating only one meal per day is also likely to encourage you eat junk food. By eating small frequent healthy meals and exercising, you will improve your metabolism and create lean muscle mass. Lean muscle in turn, further increases your metabolic rate.

    so you better not skip meals. eating a little is better than not eating at all.

  22. hahahaha!! I know right.. but I'm trying now to eat at least two meals a day.. I actually don't eat until my stomach complains xD

  23. Oh, this article is so funny! You are so right @Ms. Osias. Haha. I am a big fan of burgers, french fries and many many more, and I know you are too @Ms. Osias. Haha. You know, I eat a lot. Like really, I really do. And I don't care if I get fat, hahahaha. Just kidding. Of course, I am conscious of my weight right now but it doesn't mean that I have to eat just ONE MEAL a day. For me, it's suicide. No offense Yo' Mama but I can't agree with this. I am with the same boat as @Mr. Sabay. :)

  24. I agree with you Ms. Aparece. The food you mentioned are definitely tempting and heavenly... IRRESISTABLE... Hehehe... Just one look and you immediately feel the pull they have. And I also agree with your opinion about "the fast ways" in losing weight. Not all of them can be healthy but I guess it also depends upon the person. Some can accept them in their body and thus cause effective loss of weight while some may reject it and may cause danger and harm...

  25. Oh Ms. Ganir! Saying that you priorities your studies, shouldn't it one of the reasons why you should eat?... I mean your body needs food to function properly especially your BRAIN, most especially if you constantly use them since you study a lot... :D

    Yes it is fact that our body can survive weeks without eating but by just drinking water... But DUH?!? that's only applicable if you're CAST AWAY or there's really no source of food and not as a weight loss strategy! Because it might just lead to a great tragedy...DEATH!!! If your dead all your starvation would be for nothing... Gets? :D

  26. @ms ganir, don't put yourself at risk, you should eat 5 meals a day because foods turns out as your energy. i know you have much energy but what you practice is still unhealthy.
    by the way ms traces, thank you for your support about my insights.

  27. Hahahha, even if we get fat for eating our favorite fries and burgers @ms.remeticado. I bet we keep our eyes and brains so sexy, cause they always work out day and night almost nonstop. Hahaha @ms.remeticado, do you know the brand of our rice cooker?

  28. Yes, I'm aware that eating one meal a day to lose weight faster is a myth. we need to eat to have energy. I know that eating 5 times a day is better so that you won't crave for foods that are unhealthy... healthy foods are really essential to our body but in my case, I only follow the "eat 5 times a day" rule oftentimes... that's why when I go home I eat foods that are not that healthy... :P
    I think it's not a sin to eat burgers, fries, soda and the like... just eat them with moderation, and just be disciplined.... that's all.........

    thanks @yo mama for the article...

  29. @Ms. Ganir: I was only referring to them as shortcuts to lose weight. I didn't say they were healthy or anything. I also don't recommend pills but there are some teas which are effective. As for your aunt, everyone's body has a different reaction to these kinds of things. It may be effective on some people but useless to others. I also think that if you are drinking weight loss teas doesn't mean you should only rely on them. You should still pair them up with exercise :)

  30. yeah, i agree ms. taborada. we have learned that green tea is a good weight loss tea. but not all weight loss teas are good for the body. there may be side effects like vomiting, nausea, persistent diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and even fainting and dehydration.

  31. Haha, I'm glad @ms. osias that our bluetooth are connecting. And now the connection is complete. All together now 5 6 7 8, fight for fries and burgers, and take note, burgers with tlc. Hahahaha! Hmmm, I don't know what's the brand of your rice cooker but ours is Imarflex. How about yours? Hahaha. Why are you asking me this?

  32. Hey guys! STOP FREAKING OUT! Yo mama is not demanding you to do this! meaning.... we can enjoy whatever we want to eat and do... we can push ourselves beyond the limits... and that's a FACT! F. A. C. T.!

    hohohooh... STick to the fries and burgers ....

    Ms. Osias...
    Ms. Remeticado.... permit me to broaden that TLC...
    Burger with T as in Tomato, L as in Lettuce, and the very heavenly C for cheese!! :)

  33. Eating only one meal a day? I can't barely imagine myself eating one meal a day because i guess it would really drive me crazy.

    @Ms Ganir, you should at least eat 5 times a day (2 light snacks and 3 meals) because eating one or two meals a day is unhealthy because you will experience a lack in your normal calories in take daily and in the end you will feel tired because you are deficient in energy thus I suggest you should at least try eating 5 times a day and don't worry you wont lost anything if you try :D

  34. Chill like a boss... Drink coke float while you're still young! It is thicker than water though but BLOOD is thicker than water.... yah know?!

  35. I do practice eating 5 times a day, but it seems i don't gain any weight. I firmly believe that it's important to eat 5 times a day 'cause our brain and body are being used the whole day! And we're lucky enough given the chance that we can eat 3 meals and 2 light snacks a day compared to those street children and out of school youths working their asses hard just to buy a meal for a day.

    So, it's a blessing.. we should be thankful :D

  36. Ms. Ganir it is bad for your health if you keep that attitude you know! We need to eat our meals daily as much as possible in order for us to function well..maybe right now your body is doing fine but what if the consequences of your actions appear when your an adult? So, skipping meals is a no-no okay?? :D

    Since I stated reading YoMama's blogs about health, many things changed on the way I look unto my health. I'm eating 5 times a day but sometimes I fail to do it because of my hectic sched. Sometimes I forget to bring I buy burgers, fries, etc..yummmm.:DDD But I still keep in my mind that I have to eat these mouth-watering stuffs with moderation.

    Ms. Aparece I agree with you! Some slimming teas have side effects w/c can be harmful...if you want to drink teas try the green ones! Aside from they are safe, they are also cheap!:)

  37. yeah, mr. sabay. when he said everyone needs to eat 5x a day, it doesnt mean you have to eat 5 full meals, or 5 main courses, 5 platefuls, 5 basinfuls, 5 ful stuff :) aniwi, it means you have to eat 3 full meals and 2 snacks or lite meals. if you do it your way, it wouldn't be a surprise if i say you walking your way on the streets like a fatso wobbling your way through every step. but yes, not eating is merely destruction. it's unhealthy and stupid. always eat while you can. eat moderately, and eat well. live healthy.

  38. @ms.remeticado I was just curious. why? is it wrong to ask? anyway, our rice cooker is asahi and its doing its job really well, cooking rice! rice is food, food is good. RIGHHHT? I know I got a point.

    @ms.padigos Yo so right where you are girl! errbody needs to chill or else you want hypertension. Anyway, these articles don't really matter to me that much cuz at the end of the day BLOOD is considered "the essence of life" because uncontrolled loss of it leads to death. RIGHHHT? No copyright infringement, refer to page 301 of our book. Hehehehe BLOOD,FOOD, CASH and LOVE, long live bebehhh.

  39. Wow Osias! our rice cooker cooks anything... healthy or unhealthy! I just made pancit canton with the use of it... hahha great right? iTs brand is asahi too! this appliance is really convenient for all!

  40. OMGGG @ms.padigos! so it cooks noodles too? of course it will! it's the all powerful asahi ricecooker! I'm totally going to try that at home! and about the BLOOD is thicker than water, EXACTLY, rightt? That's why I drink water because it's less thick. For example, mayonnaise is thicker than water, so we obviously won't choose to drink mayonnaise over water, RIGGHHT? I know!

    @all, hey guys, errbody will be glad if you don't use terms that can cause nasal hemorrhage. On last time, again and again, blood is important. k bye yall

  41. @mS. osias: so what do you prefer? the not so formal one? hahaha :D

  42. Only one meal a day? Are you kidding me? In case people don't know, haven't people thought about those families and children who can't even eat three times a day and you who just wanna have that body with your favorite curves and flat as table stomach and everything would just eat one meal? Doing this isn't helpful at all, it may also cause ulcers if haven't know. PEOPLE THIS DAYS! XD

  43. ms. ganir: whooaa! your comment seems very alarming! see, almost all of our classmates reacted about your eating practice! haha. well, we're just concerned about your health so don't take this seriously. you know what ms. ganir? you should eat more especially during examinations because your brain requires more energy for it to function well. don't take yourself for granted just because of having your studies as your 1st priority. remember: this would surely affect your health in the near future, but don't worry, you're still young and you still have the time to change. so start it as early as now before things get worst okaaay? :)

  44. hahaha, 1 meal per day, gosh! are you trying to commit suicide? hahhaa, for me, it is really a myth. yes, who could survive an entire day with activities with insufficient storage of food for energy? no one. yes, me myself even eat maybe 5 times a day, 3 meals and 2 snacks one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

    @MS.SUAREZ: yes, there maybe shortcuts like what you said, but all of those aren't gonna take effect without proper control of food intake. but as what you've said, its best to do it in your own efforts and being in the natural way is sooo good after having the results.

    @MR.SABAY: it doesn't mean that when you eat more than 5 times would automatically make you fat right? you burn some of them during the day, maybe it only happens when you eat too much that would make you gain weight. :)

  45. ok. now here's another mind opener from yo mama! meals are indeed very essential to our body. thus depriving it wont do any good. so, eating as much as 3 full meals and 2 light snacks a day is not a hindrance in loosing weight. as long as you eat the right kind and right amount, there's nothing to be worried of.. :)

  46. K. Ganir: I know that we are students and all, but it doesn't mean that our studies should be our first priority. Before anything else, our health should be something we put at the "NO. 1 PRIORITY." Our health is our wealth. What is the use of getting high grades when we feel like we don't have the energy to even last through the day? Grades are just numbers, at the end of the day.. it would be your health that would matter most.

    This article has more or less the same content with the article that we all have read before. Yes, it is a FACT that skipping meals will not help in making you slimmer but would work the opposite and might make you gain some weight. What it means to eat 5 meals? It means 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and 2 LIGHT meals or in other words, snacks. Other people try to twist words because they don't have the commitment to lose weight and end up eating five BIG jolly meals. -_-" seriously though.., it's not good to skip meals and it's also not good to eat (too much) meals. ^^

    (Healthy diet = healthy body = healthy you = HAPPY you)

  47. K. Ganir: I know that we are students and all, but it doesn't mean that our studies should be our first priority. Before anything else, our health should be something we put at the "NO. 1 PRIORITY." Our health is our wealth. What is the use of getting high grades when we feel like we don't have the energy to even last through the day? Grades are just numbers, at the end of the day.. it would be your health that would matter most.

    This article has more or less the same content with the article that we all have read before. Yes, it is a FACT that skipping meals will not help in making you slimmer but would work the opposite and might make you gain some weight. What it means to eat 5 meals? It means 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and 2 LIGHT meals or in other words, snacks. Other people try to twist words because they don't have the commitment to lose weight and end up eating five BIG jolly meals. -_-" seriously though.., it's not good to skip meals and it's also not good to eat (too much) meals. ^^

    (Healthy diet = healthy body = healthy you = HAPPY you)

  48. I would really understand if you eat once a day to save up cash cause these times are hard and its making us crazy. I thought that if you do just eat once a day, youll be the biggest loser, you must be out of your mind, not thinking about the possibilities that would brought up to what you did. so yeah, in the end its still the basics. we are repeating everything we say here all over again.

    @Ms. Suarez, when you said that THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS TO LOSING WEIGHT, it struck my heart and broke it into pieces. its a sad fact. :D

    Yo mama is trying so hard for me to lose weight and im not obeying everything about it. Poor me! Anyway, if you do agree this myth. I think you're 7843673735795 times richer than you are now. AWESOME :) but still not thinking to eat once a day though HAHA

  49. @Kyzza Ganir, yeah @what Sharmaine Li said ^^. @Sharmaine Li, very well said.. are you a dietitian or something? xD HIHIHI.

    Well anyway, i am so happy with this article!! teehee~ you see, i really really like eating. I like to eat when i'm hungry and i like to eat when i'm not hungry. It's like food is my own personal brand of heroine. LOL xD But but I only eat small portions anyway, except for lunch. and oh, those small portions may not always be healthy.. but what can i do? i just can't make myself eat green grass for snacks :\

  50. okayy, it never occurred to me that such myth exists, i mean, why eat 1 meal a day? it's suicidal.

    @Ms. Marturillas i agree with you in here, that these articles helped me quite much to adjust my lifestyle and diet somehow but not totally for I still live my life with happiness and no restrictions. haha

    well, its good to hear you're eating 5 meals a day but you don't have to force yourself into it, you might not want the result, I mean, just try to adjust and watch for your body activity or adjustment with this kind of diet.

    what i'm implying is, we have unique metabolisms, not all tips and notes are applicable to everyone so be ready for some adjustments or modifications for yourself :)

    this goes as well for everyone. ^.^

  51. tHANKS @yO'MAMA for this article..

    I guess I still have time to comment anyway:D

    Other than weight management benefits, green tea is also known to provide a number of additional health benefits including being able to improve overall function of the heart, improving the health of the brain, aiding in the control of blood sugar levels and helping to regulate body temperature.

    @Ms. Rosales: yeah, you're right! weight loss teas are helpful. It has many benefits, but we must still be careful for it has different effects on others, but if we are in doubt to take them, ask your experts about them:)

  52. I kinda agree with Ms. Padigos and Ms. Osias. We're young and free. We don't have to be too conscious about ourselves and eating patterns. We can still eat our favorite foods, in MODERATION.

    Even if we're young and free, we must not abuse our freedom. Hence, let's make it an advantage because as young as we are, we already know what to do on how to lose weight and other facts related to health:)

    @Ms. Marturillas: Lucky for you! I seldom eat 5 meals a day, 3 meals a day is already good for me, sometimes:D

  53. i agree with Mr.Arizobal and Ms. Aparece..and the article for that matter..that we should really eat 5 Ms. Laguda reaction (woah) if you eat 5 full meals in a should eat 3 full meals and two lights snacks only... I suggest healthier fooods that can substitute your current diet..its more healthy too!

    you see my mom works for Gov. Gwen Garcia---most of you have seen her body structure right? Who would think that she's a grandmother already! Anyways, Back to the see when she (Gov. Gwen) calls for meetings.or any events...there is always food right? You see instead of having regular rice on her catering services...she tells them or orders someone else to tell the caterer that they should mix "camote"----->preferably the white one or the yellowish instead of the violet. She eats that everytime there are meetings and events..and looks at her wow! i like think that "even me at my age couldn't achieve that body while a grandma could easily do it? what an embarrassment!"

    yeah so, that's all..thanks to yo' mama for article..and clarifying the myth for me. Keep up the good work :))

  54. I totally agree with what the people are saying...especially what ms. Osias said..that what dumb people would do to lose weight.

    I tooootally agree with the article..that we should eat 5 meals in a prevent craving and stuff..I should really do that but really its hard when your a student..especially when your calls is at 7:00 am and ends @ 7:00--really so hard..and when you do get breaks..the food that you can easily find are junk foods, burgers, artificial juices..its hard to be healthy..when your day is fully booked and you dont have time to spare.. anyways..who shares my sentiments? haha

    but yeah, if you guys have time and if i have time i would do my best to eat healthy foods..

    thanks to yo mama! you keep up the oh so always good work..

  55. @Ms. Ganir: you should change your eating habits Ms. Ganir because it may not manifest a disease now, but on the later run, you will regret abusing your body. you haven't feel it right now because you are still young. so, i advice you to change it now, when it's still early.

    i can't imagine myself eating once only. it will make me dizzy. i value eating as much as sleep because i believe that what your body demands is what your body needs. so, if you eat a 5 times a day, its okie taken that you don't over eat it.
    @Mr. Sabay: i kinda disagree to your thought of eating 5 times because it will make you even fat. i know for a person who eats 6 times and she is still very thin. i think that it all depends on the kind of food you will eat. if you eat high calorie food in that 5 meals, then surely get fat. but if you eat only healthy and nutitious foods with the right amount, then surely you'll achieve a more healthy and sext body.

  56. @Ms. Casals

    Dumb people??I think it's too much calling them dumb people.Instead calling them uninformed people is much appropriate :D

    It is true that eating 5 meals a day would surely prevent you from craving too much food.I feel thesame way with you Ms Casals, sometimes it is hard to find time to eat healthy food when your day is fully loaded but I am really trying my best to eat healthier food as much as I can. And I am also trying to eat vegetables little by little since it is good for the health

  57. I'm with you Ms. Salera! There's no such thing as dumb you know. God created us just the He is, therefore, we're not dumb. Just a lil' bit innocent, right? :))

    Anyway, I recommend HIGH FIBER DIET to everybody! It will not only help us lose weight but also, flushes out toxins out of our system into the septic tanks. HAHA! And I have also read abot drinking water 1-2 hours before eating and another glass 15 minutes after eating. Enjoy!


  58. as what we perceive eating 5 meals a day will trigger obesity in the future but as what yO.mama said it's not true that eating 5 meals will increase your normal weight....and having proper diet is also a good thing to add up in your daily meal like me I always add vegies in my diet everyday and usually every lunch....yUuummm well some of us doesn't like vegies and leafy stuffs that much but you know guyz that this is the healthiest way to keep our body healthy and avoid abnOrmalities in our body...sOoo always stay healthy guyz and add up vegies On yah diet .^ __ ^.

  59. i thought that by eating less during the day could be the solution of losing weight, when its by eating 5 meals a day can truly help that problem. it's quite ironic but it's a fact. but just to remind that 5 meals a day should be balancd and should eat lots of vegetables and fruits so that it would be effective.:)

  60. @andromedes sabay: yeah it's true! eating one meal a day will just crave you to eat more and more. i tried it before when i was in high school because i was curious of my weight that time. but it end up gaining weight because of that "CRAVING" feeling! thanks to Yo Mama. Now i can give advice to those who would want to lose weight:)

  61. yes that's right ms. daguman...and also , we should make sure that all that we eat are really healthy foods and not those junk foods ...

  62. The article itself is a paradoxical one, specifically because of the concept "by eating more, one gains less weight" , but aside from it being a paradox the article is undoubtedly true and actually after reading, it actually made real sense to why eating 5 times a day tends to make you loose weight safely, healthily and correctly, rather than only eating one meal a day for the same reason which is to loose weight.

  63. I cannot fully express how much I agree with this article. Some people just do not understand that SKIPPING MEALS is not, in any way whatsoever equal to 'HAVING A DIET'. It's effects alone might as well be very opposite.

    A healthy diet consists of a balanced diet where carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals are present plus a good amount of water and NOT an empty plate! :)

  64. I’m 200lbs…any free weight loss plan to get off my extra….weight???

  65. Hi..just found your blog..nice article!! ^^

  66. I’ve lost 5 kilos in my first week. I followed the diet with some protein as suggested. It is really like magic! It works. I’m not perfectly following the listed diet plan mostly), but the weight looses even on very little exercise. Give a try on this, this diet plan clearly works.

  67. I’ve lost 5 kilos in my first week. I followed the diet with some protein as suggested. It is really like magic! It works. I’m not perfectly following the listed diet plan mostly), but the weight looses even on very little exercise. Give a try on this, this diet plan clearly works.


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